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To Immigrants. By Immigrants.

It all started in 2001, when I was a teenager in Brazil, dreaming about living in a more peaceful and developed country. I spent a few years researching about immigration to several countries until finally writing an action plan. My end goal was to work and live in Australia, where I got a job while I was still living in brazil. Fast forward to November 2016, after migrating temporarily to the USA, Chile and the UK, and I've obtained my Australian Permanent Residency Visa and now live in Sydney.

I've gone through a lot of immigration bureaucracy with my own applications. In addition, I've also helped other people trying to migrate to Australia or Canada. By doing that, I was able to identify a few best practices and most common errors people make when trying to obtain a visa to move to a new country and, as a software developer, it was obvious I needed to build an online tool to help other people with similar dreams.

- Humberto Moreira, Founder.

Duoflag - From Australia

28 Rothschild Avenue
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Sydney - Australia
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